SUSIKIRTIMAI ('intersections', 'crossings', 'clashes') is an audiovisual installation in collaboration with SODAS Sounds, Kala sound system, Martynas Gailius (sound) and Egle Gudonyte, Teodoras Malinauskas (visuals).

The work explores the clashing of dissonance and consonance, at the same time creating tension and release in the body through sound waves. Mostly low frequencies are used to maximise the effect. Water is used to portray what the listener feels in the body when experiencing the piece, through a phenomena known as cymatics.

A plinth with a projector and a bowl of water stands about 3 meters away from the sound system, so there is no direct contact with sound. The water vibrates through air and the floor. Through experimentation we found that the ripples in the water depend on a few factors, including room size, distance from the sound system, resonant frequencies of the space, the bowl itself and most importantly the amount of frequencies in the 30-35Hz range.


  • sound: Domas Morkunas, Martynas Gailius (SODAS Sounds)

  • visuals: Egle Gudonyte, Teodoras Malinauskas

  • together with: Paulius Burakas, Kala Sound System